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A Hex nut is a fastener that is a metal block with a screw thread that can be internally fitted on to a bolt and give it strength. The name is a derivative of its appearance i.e. A hex nut is shaped in the form of a hexagon which is six sided. Therefore the name of these nuts are shortened to Hex (six) nuts.Besides being one of the most easily and widely available nuts, they Stainless Steel Heavy Nuts can be teamed up with various bolts, screws, anchors, studs and threaded rods.

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As a custom manufacturer you will work as a solution partner so your all goals and needs are satisfied. Made from finest material with highest accuracy in state of the art manufacturing facility.We will quickly turnaround your job and deliver it anywhere in the World. Our expert staff will provide most care in every step of the process. Our Fasteners are proudly made in Gujarat.We offer very competitive prices to the market.We manufacture Hex Nuts which are durable,Corrosion resistant and have high tensile strength. We use most advanced technology and machineries to manufacture the products

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