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"Quality is Our Way Of Working."

"Quality Starts From the mind"


Since we are a totally integrated manufacturing unit we mostly purchase only raw materials. Semi finished goods are seldom purchased. There is a fully documented system to ensure the correctness of all parameters for the following.

Material Identification and traceability:

All the raw material is color coded according to grades and sizes and is kept in different racks for their identification. We have a documented procedure to ensure the full traceability of raw material for all products being manufactured by us.

Control of Production:

Each process has a definite job card, which defines its process specification, which is checked by our quality inspector with the gauges, fixtures provided on the machines.

Control of non-confirming products:

We have a Non-confirming material report, which is thoroughly audited, and all such material is properly sorted in separate bins earmarked for the purpose.

Final material inspection:

This operation is done before the final packing which includes Visual parameters, critical dimensions and fitting tests are a few of the checks performed in this category.

Handling Storage Packing Delivery:

All the material is amiably packed in pallets, wooden boxes palletized or cardboard boxes palletized and then shrink wrapped in polythene.

Design and Development:

We have a fully integrated Tool Room with all the basic machinery such as lathes, shaping machine, slotting, milling, surface grinding, drilling, etc.

Control of monitoring and measuring devices:

We do most of the Calibration in-house. We have slip gauges and other instruments to do the calibration of Vernier Calipers, Micrometers, Gauges and Fixtures.


On the shop floor we have demarcated areas for the movement of material/ Persons and for the storage of In Process goods. A separate in charge of house keeping is responsible for the cleanliness at all places.

Customer related processes:

This is one of our main focus areas and we regularly take feedbacks from our customers about our product quality, timely supplies, quantity problems, packing problems, or any other major or minor parameter unattended to by us.

Preventive Maintenance:

A full schedule for pre maintenance on a monthly, bi-annually and annually basis are maintained.

Improvement and continual improvement:

All our programs/ formats for Corrective action and Preventive action are keenly audited to take out the desired results and the inferences for the course of action to be taken.

Competence, Awareness, Training of Workers and Staff:

Before recruitment of our employees their competence is minutely judged by their credentials, background, experience and above all by conducting an IQ test.


We continuously have a determination provision for maintenance, availability of process equipment and supporting services.

Internal Audit:

Our management representative along with our quality control head regularly do internal audits to determine the various flaws and then chalk out plans to remove those deficiencies and take strong preventive actions/ remedies to avoid their recurrence

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